I come from a long line of garden fanatics; my mom, my grandmothers, and great-grandmothers all passed down the tradition of designing gardens to bring people together in a beautiful place of respite. I love how each area of a garden has the possibility to offer a unique experience...if planned right! My favorite part of my job is creating designs that realize your vision in a clear and easy-to-implement way. I am equal part garden coach and designer. 

My designs make low-maintenance, water-wise gardens beautiful and fun to be in. I strongly believe that every outdoor environment can be beautiful, functional, and resource responsible if designed right. I ensure that every plan meets the unique needs and style of each client and translates into a rewarding long-term investment.

I hold a Bachelor of Science from UC Davis in Landscape Architecture focusing on land-use planning. During my landscaping career, I designed and managed commercial and residential landscaping projects including: Model Homes, Commercial Properties, City Parks, Apartment Buildings, and Private Residences of all sizes.  

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