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 Thank you OC LeTip for your confidence in electing me as your President for the 2022-2023 term. I can say it is an honor to lead such a wonder-
ful group but I will not be serving you alone. I share that responsibility with a wonderful board of directors that are expe- rienced LeTip members and share the same enthusiasm as I do for this group.
We are excited to continue to grow our membership. Over the last two challenging years our chapter has lost several members however we are not the only group to have this experience. It was shared recently during a LeTip International seminar that most groups all over the country suffered from a decrease in membership. I want to thank all of our current members who have gathered together and put a strategy in place to increase our membership. It is working as we have added several new members this year alone. In addition we are averaging two to three guest a week. These new faces have brought an increased energy to the group.
As a board we made the difficult decision to only offer in person meetings being June 1, 2022. LeTip is built on relationships and those relationships need to be nurtured with in person weekly meeting. People often as me, how does LeTip differ from other networking groups? To me it is simple, we meet weekly and if you are meeting weekly then you are really getting to know the other members of the group. Over time tighter bonds are established and friend- ships are formed. Those bonds and friend- ships are what make OC LeTip so special.
I would like to encourage you to think of who are your power partners? Are those partners currently represented in our group? If not, let us know which categories you would like for us to focus on in the coming year and we will invite guest to help you and other put dollars in your pocket.
 Hampton Inn 23021 Lake Center Dr.
Lake Forest
Location subject to change. Visit for updates.
 Lunch Bunch is another great reason to join LeTip of Orange County. It is your opportunity to have your own personal, board of directors. Ask a group of professionals with varying backgrounds and business experience questions on how to grow your business, just like Fortune 500 companies do! Although this is another perk of LeTip of Orange County, it is not about LeTip. Questions about helping you grow your LeTip experience are saved for our Mentor Meetings. For times and locations for Lunch Bunch please talk with Barbara Loos, the Financial Advisor of our group and Lunch Bunch Committee Chairperson.

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