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Why is Coastal Payroll special?
Coastal Payroll brings a human touch to payroll and HR. With dedicated service representa- tives assigned to each client, and technologically robust software solutions, we can meet individu- al client needs with the specifici-
ty and customization they deserve. This is reflected in our incredible retention rate.
   Coastal Payroll began in San Diego in 2007 as a local alternative to the national providers. Over the years, we have grown to serve thousands of clients around the country, from multiple offices in California—yet, we’ve maintained the same laser focus on customer service. It will always be number one.
We have evolved to meet our clients where they are. We still provide the best payroll solutions, integrating exactly what each client needs to grow. We have also created full-service HR solutions—hand-in-glove consulting services that help clients see what they can’t see and fix what they didn’t know was missing.
We help thousands of companies ease the burden of work force management by providing HCM resources, tools and technology to help make them successful. Additionally, we provide tax compliance for over 2000 businesses and manage close to 1 billion (with a B) of their payroll taxes each year. Truly aside from the technology and compliance the main reason clients come to coastal is because they are tired of using the dreaded 800 customer support number. Coastal’ s customer service is dramatically different because it is built on the premise that “people do better work when they are happy. “ Our culture supports happy and motivated employ- ees translating into happy and motivated clients. We at Coastal believe happy and engaged employees, do in fact,
provide better service...That is our vison, and we hope to make it part of yours as well.
A bit about April
April Conklin Botes is an HCM Consultant with Coastal Payroll (HCM is Human Capital Management). April lives in beautiful Orange County with her husband Brent and daughter Anle. After working in the industry for over 15 years, she took 10 years to be home with her daughter. When making the decision to go back to work, she decided to back to work for Coastal because, as she puts it “Coastal’ s vision really resonated with me.” The vision is simply to be “The most respected provider of workforce management solutions in the country.” Coastal has delivered this vision since 2007.
Married the man of her dreams
Became a mom at age 42, a dream come true Traveled the world and lived in Miami for four years Completed a triathlon
Learning pickleball
Professional Background
After receiving a psychology degree from San Diego State University, April worked for the Polinsky Center in San Diego. She pursued a successful career in sales with ADP for 15 years, while achieving President’s Club for 11 years. April and her husband Brent owned a South African beef jerky company, California Biltong.
Personal Notes
Keeping up with her very active 10-year-old, you can find April at the beach with family and friends, hiking Crystal Cove, power walking, doing yoga, riding bikes, or grilling with friends. She loves snowboarding, and has been known to catch a few waves, but her board hasn’t been in the water for a long time. Music, dancing, and traveling are must haves, too.

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