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  Do you need a product or service from someone you can trust?
Finding a company or individual who provides a product or service that you can
. . . Orange County LeTip! Our chapter in the nation’s leading business networking organization, has been recognized as Chapter of the Year for 2012-2017. Let us be your own personal directory! To join our group, potential members go through an inspection process and are committed to attending a weekly meeting assuring accountability to and awareness for each other and the
their reputation and is willing to go above and beyond what is expected. We all aim to impress!
We invite and encourage you to use this magazine as your personal directory.
experience world class service. Orange County LeTip, businesses on which you can rely!
Lunch Bunch and recently added Breakfast Bunch are two great reasons to join Orange County LeTip. It is an opportunity to have your own personal “Board of Directors”. Ask a group of professionals with varying backgrounds and business experience questions on how to grow YOUR business, just like Fortune 500 companies do!
Although this is another perk of being a member of OC LeTip, it is not about LeTip. Questions about helping you make the best of your LeTip experience are reserved for our Mentor Meetings. For times and locations for Breakfast or Lunch Bunch, please talk with Barbara Loos, the Financial Advisor of our group and Lunch Bunch Committee Chairperson.
Welcome our new members!
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