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 Hello OC LeTip Family. I am very proud to serve as your President for the 2021-22 term and I thank you for your confidence and trust. 2020
was... well... 2020. Enough said about that. However, I’m so proud of our LeTip Family as we stuck together and found ways to support each other through some difficult times. We will continue to do so as we move into 2021 and beyond.
Remember, LeTip is about YOU! It’s about the members and the businesses that make up our family. As many of our longer term members can attest, LeTip is also about friendship; however, with 20 mem- bers having been in our group for over 5 years (over half our group) and 13 of those 20 having been members over 10 years, it proves that LeTip is working for their business as well as providing lasting relationships.
Obviously, we have something here that works so it is not the intention of the Board or Directors to change things up. Instead, it will be our goal to fine tune what’s working to make it better and by doing so, find ways to help our members' businesses grow even more!
We already do a lot of things no other Chapter does, such as: Outside Tipper, Cross Tipper, Target Tipper, Three is Free, Publish a Newsletter and optional Social Events. What are some things we are not doing? Are you in a successful Power Partner Group? If not, why? Are there other things you’d like to see us adopt to help your business grow? If you have ideas, bring them to the Board, we want to grow this group and in turn, grow your business.
If you’re a guest thinking about joining make sure you talk with some of our mem- bers to see how LeTip is working for their business and if you’re a member who’s not getting the most out of your membership come ask about Mentoring. We are here to serve and we want your business to be a success. After all... it’s all about you!
Location subject to change. Visit for updates.
Welcome Our Newest Members!
IN PERSON! (Zoom also available)
Weekly Meetings
Start Your Day Right with OC LeTip!
Every Thursday 7am
Hampton Inn 23021 Lake Center Dr.
Lake Forest
    Michael G. Sibbio
Cell: 949.300.2781 Tel: 949.492.4921
Bonded • Insured Lic # 1020785

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