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                                    Orange County 11Here are a few things to know during our meeting:Please be prepared to give us a 30 second introduction. We want to know what you do and how we can pass you business. This happens towards the beginning of the meeting. What is a Tip? A Tip is how we pass business from one member to another. The blank Tip forms are on the table for everyone to use. Members fill out the forms and pass them to the left along with their business cards. Please feel free to look at them and pass them along. You do not need to pass any Tips until you become a member.Who are the speakers?Each member gets an opportunity to do a 7 minute presentation 2-3 times a year. Typically, 6 minutes to speak and 1 minute for questions. Some do a Google Slide presentation, some just speak about themselves and their business.What is a commercial?After the speakers, each member gets a 30 second commercial to discuss their business and what we can do to pass them business. We’ll pass the mic and you’ll even get another 30 seconds to tell us more about your business.How do I join?You need to attend two meetings and meet with the membership chair. The first meeting is on us, we’re glad to have you. The second meeting we ask that you pay $20 for your breakfast. The third meeting we’ll vote on your membership.Is every meeting this fun and energetic?Yes! We are a group of dedicated professionals who wake up early to pass business and enjoy ourselves. We have quarterly evening mixers and try to plan breakfasts, lunches, and golf outings outside our normal meeting time. Below is some pics of our last mixer!Thanks you for attending our meeting.We hope to see you again soon!Welcome, Honored Guest, toOrange County Letip!We look forward to meeting you!
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