I have been selling jewelry since 2004 and have a large team representing many states across the country. My passion is empowering women to feel good, look good, and live independently on their terms - especially those mamas who would like to work from home. I have been a leader in the industry since the mid-2000s, leading a team of 100+ entrepreneurs. Yet I still am able to offer and enjoy the personal attention and customer care that comes from running a small business. Touchstone Crystal is the direct selling division of Swarovski, a 125 year old, family-owned company. They are world famous for their exquisite Swarovski crystals and Zirconia. Touchstone Crystal offers designs different from the Swarovski retail stores at a less expensive price point. I offer social selling, fundraisers, and now a virtual platform for shopping, while staying safe at home. You can also view the collection and shop directly from my website. I was formerly a Software Engineer in the Aerospace Industry and was the Program Manager for the Smithsonian Security System. So, I am an expert at Sparkle Math!

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